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Since 1993, Sweet Claim Service has been providing quality claims processing.Before flood waters rise the clock starts ticking. In this day of advanced warning and storm tracking, heading to the site of a disaster occurs before the flood waters crest.Our adjusting staff remains prepared to be called into action at a moments notice. Having adjusters located in all regions of the US, we can respond quickly to instances of flooding.When catastrophes occur, our adjusters can be assembled on site in a matter of hours, ready to assist insureds with their claims.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and an advanced management system, our adjusters are prepared to handle any of the difficulties that do arise in the aftermath of a big storm.We train year-around on the changing facets of the flood program. Efficient dissemination of information ensures our adjuster will produce the best claim possible.

Reporting efficiency is paramount

SCS performs well above the industry standard

SCS Score Card

Preliminary Report average delivery time: 5 days

Final Report average delivery time: 15.4 days
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